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Firefighters Helmet  — Comprar Firefighters Helmet, Precio de , Fotos de Firefighters Helmet, de GM Group, S.A. de C.V.. Cascos para bomberos en Allbiz El Salvador
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    Comprar Firefighters Helmet
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    Features & Benefits:
    • Strongest shell on the market: Made of FYR-Glass, is 42% more resistant to impact penetration than helmets made of fiberglass.
    • The FYR-Glass technology makes the helmet lighter, lower ride, more comfortable and better fitting no matter what head size a firefighter might have.
    • High Heat Performance: thanks to FYR-Glass, when exposed to radiant heat of two watts per centimeter squared (2W/cm2 - the NFPA-mandated test exposure), all shells except FYR-Glass showed blistering and finish damage.
    • Low Ride, Better fir, Low Center of Gravity: the 8-point suspension and wider interior gives wearers superior comfort and fir. And because our shells are so strong they don't need impact caps.
    • More Sizes, More Adjustability: the headband/ratchet will fit the largest range of hat sizes of any NFPA helmet on the market- from under 6 to over size 9. Four position depth adjustments for a full inch depth difference at the front and at the rear, make it possible to fit any head with just a few quick and easy adjustments.
    • Bull Dog Edge Beading: is a new heavy duty material, delivers improved edge bead durability as it has properties that are even more resistant to wear.
    • Comfotable and Easy to Replace Suspension
    • Protected Suspension Straps
    • Rugged and Dependable
    • Securely Attached Ear Covers
    • Google Garage Option
    • Large Hang-up Loop
    • EZ Quick Attach Googles
    • EZ Change Chinstrap
    • Lightweight
    • Perfect Air Mask Fit
    • Built in Google Retention
    • Meets NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition and ANSI Z87.1 Certified EZ-Flips
    Part No.: HDO
    • Firefighters Helmet
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